BASICS North West

BASICS North West (British Association of Immediate Care Scheme Northwest) is a confederation of several pre-hospital emergency medical care charities that were set up to provide immediate medical support to the North West Ambulance Service.

BASICS North West clinicians are all volunteers who freely give up their time to provide assistance to those who need it.  These clinicians often volunteer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They are dispatched by the ambulance service to serious incidents such as cardiac arrests, stabbings and gunshots, major incidents and machinery entrapments, but the majority of patients they attend have been involved in road traffic collisions.

The Confederation sets out the objectives and governance structures of the charities and individuals involved, so the ambulance service and its patients can be assured all of the clinicians are performing reliably and with unanimity to the standards set by the Confederation, the ambulance service and the Care Quality Commission.

BASICS North West raises funds for medical equipment and training. 

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