Urgent Care Advisors

The Urgent Care Desk (UCD) aims to remove pressures on workload for Emergency Departments (ED) and Paramedic Emergency Services (PES).

The UCD works to manage the diverse patient requirements by informing telephone triage, clinical filters and clinical dispatch support strategies.  It works with the objective of reducing the number of (ED) admissions and improve the capacity of PES resources to respond to high priority patients.

Specialist Paramedics are the call-takers within the UCD, they answer your calls and determine which type of care is most appropriate for you.  Senior Paramedics on the UCD performing secondary triage have access to libraries of alternative healthcare providers including the CMS Directory of Service.  This is a real-time, 24-hour database of currently available clinical care services in the community.  The database will produce a list of services that match the patient's need and display them to the clinician.  The patient will then be referred to one of these services.

If your illness or injury is not immediately life threatening, it should mean that your waiting times for appropriate care are reduced, and emergency services for life-threatening cases remain available for dispatch.