The Directory of Service

The Directory of Service, referred to as ‘The Directory’ or ‘DoS’ is a clinically focused directory of all commissioned healthcare services by CCGs and NHS England’s Dental and Pharmacy Directorates.

The Directory is the NHS version of the phonebook and is available to all Clinicians working within / for the NHS.

The Directory is a NHS England Commissioned Service, which each CCG in England is required to update on an ongoing basis with all their services across primary, secondary and acute, in or out of hours.

Working with Commissioners and their respective service providers, services are ‘profiled’ onto the Directory enabling users of the Directory to make informed decisions regarding the appropriateness of the services local to patients in need.

NWAS’s role in the Directory

NWAS’s 999 and 111 divisions use the Directory to inform decisions regarding patient referrals.

NWAS also hosts the Regional Directory of Service team, who are accountable for the quality and accuracy of the Directory for the North West England Region.

This team work in conjunction with 4 local Directory teams who are based in Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire with Cumbria, these teams are responsible for the day to day management, update and development of the Directory.

Directory of Service – Profiles

Each commissioned service has a ‘profile’ which contains the following key pieces of information:

  • Name and address of the service
  • Opening and closing times of the service (including bank holidays)
  • Clinical referral information
  • Geographical area covered
  • Any other relevant information to assist a referral

All the information above, has to be signed off by the Commissioner of the service (i.e. CCGs or NHS England)

In addition, work goes in the background to ensure all services are clinically assured and that the Directory presents services that are clinically appropriate and timely, following on from the patient’s assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How is the Directory maintained to ensure it is accurate and up to date?

- The Directory is quality assured via a small expert team who work with CCG and NHS England   Commissioners and their respective service providers to ensure each Service’s profile is current.

Q - I am a service provider and what/how my service is provided is about to change. How do I update my existing Directory profile to reflect these changes?

A – Please contact your CCG or NHS England Commissioner in the first instance, who will in turn contact the appropriate Directory of Service Manager.

Q – My service is very busy and I would like my directory of service profile turning off.

A – Capacity management related queries should be reported to your CCG Director on call in the first instance. They will advise of you the appropriate next steps.

Q – I am a member of the public and I would like access to the Directory.

A – The Directory is not available to the public, it is designed to help NHS staff to be able to refer patients, to the right service, first time, safely. The Directory is key component when you contact NHS 111 or the Ambulance Service via 999.

The Directory does play a part in the website, which is a service designed for use by the public. You can access NHS UK by clicking here.

If you wish to have access to the Directory, please click here